Open letter to Glendale councilmember Joyce Clark

Hello Miss Clark,

I’m talking on behalf of Canadians here. I’m actually a french Canadian.

Don’t see this letter as disrespectful,  or an attack against you, because it’s not.

I’m just sending you a message because we feel it’s totally disrespectful to treat us like you do on twitter.

I understand the fact that you received messages from us that you disliked. I hear you. I also have my share of attacks by many people on twitter, especially by some Coyotes fans because I only talk about Coyotes saga and say things they disagree and dislike. I can still talk with any of them who disagrees with me, as long as they keep the chat classy. Like everywhere else, there are « trolls » and « bullies », but also there are people who disagree with you. It’s their right to express their opinion. Where is the limit of acceptable? That’s the tough question.

I’m just wondering why you block EVERY canadians you find on your account? Why block people who never said a thing to you?

In fact, I tried myself to create a whole new account, with an egg as « avatar ». All I did was following you. Never retweeted you, never mentioned you, nothing. Still, the day after, I was blocked.

Do you realize that you also blocked journalists who were following you for a while and were covering the whole saga?

Why justify yourself about your blocks? You think we still can’t read you?

Why express hate to every Canadians because of few who made hateful comments?

If I had to judge every Arizona residents based on some of the Coyotes fans I talked with (many expressed hate toward me and insulted me), I could say that they are all classless and totally disrespectful. Do I think that it’s the case? OF COURSE NOT! I’m sure there are a lot of good people in your state. Because I can make sense of things!

Here are your tweets about us:

« I will be so pleased when Coyotes issue is settled. Then all of these Canadian poachers can move on to another team and another city. »

« Thanks to everyone for your good wishes and support. Coyotes fans are a class act. Do you think it’s ok if I say to Canadians, Bye-Bye! »

« I have blocked all Canadians. No one should have to take their abuse. Block…Block…Block »

« A correction on my Canadian block. It refers to French Canadians not West Canada. »

It sure sounds like racism. Isn’t it?

Racism: RACISM definition from Larousse dictionary: « Systematic attitude of hostility towards a particular category of persons »

Social Medias such as twitter are great communications tools. But sometimes it brings it’s share of abuse and bads. At the beginning, you received messages from a few people who disagreed with you, and some who were disrespectful. When you wrote those things about all Canadians, it got worse. You reached a BIGGER amount of people. Did you expect we would not react?  We were shocked to see a politician from the USA who expressed, maintained, and encouraged some already existing hatred by some of you to our nation and our population without apparent distinction. Can you blame us for not being angry? This saga was already very emotional for all of you and of us.

That’s why you can’t underestimate social medias. Our messages reach people around the world… Even if your account is private.

Do you know that many players on your team are Canadians including a few french speaking Quebecers?

Also, you know that Canada is part of your tourism economy. Right?

As far as NHL goes, many fans from Canada brings you money when they come to watch their team playing against Coyotes. You can also notice that the arena is almost full when Coyotes play one of the Canadian teams. Without those games, your season average attendance numbers would be even lower.

Have you ever heard about NHL revenue sharing? When hockey teams like Panthers, Islanders, Predators and Coyotes (…) lose money every year, teams that make profits like Canadiens, Maple Leafs, Canucks, Flames, Jets, Oilers, New York (…)  pays for those deficits. Which means that Canadians also pay for the money Glendale and Coyotes are losing.

It’s sad to see that you don’t seem to recognize all the good things that Canada provides you.

If you think you were misunderstood or you badly expressed yourself, I suggest you clarify you were not talking about every Canadians / french Canadians. You should unblock Canadians who never disrespected you and you should make an apology.

After all, you’re a public figure & a politician!

I hope you’ll think about it and learn from it.

Thank you

Daniel Blanchet



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